Bread and Water

Hi:) I know I owe an update here on my family…and I have another post I have tried to write, re-write and write again to capture ALL. THE. THINGS.  (My mom is fine, thank the good Lord!) My husband continues to progress (Thank the good Lord again!) and I gave in on that DIY floor project and hired somebody to lay laminate prior to Jason’s homecoming:)  There.  That’s the update:)

It’s probably pretty clear to anyone who’s been reading these last few months, or even years, that some of my blog posts are related to song titles.  This one is no different. Bread and Water is an old song written and sung by Gary Morris.  If you knew me in  high school, you know I was (still am) a huge Gary Morris fan and went to see him in concert many, many times throughout the WV/OH, VA/NC states from 1985-ish to the early 1990’s.  My mom even let me out of school early once while I was in high school so I could go stake my claim in line at the NC State Fair where he was performing.  I owned every cassette he ever released.  (Cassette, people!LOL).  I wanted so badly to learn to play this on my guitar back then, but it is a tricky song, full of chords I didn’t know and was too busy with boyfriend/school/work/life to teach myself.  Then I became a sorta-kinda adult and definitely had no time to learn.  Bread and Water was a song I always loved and pretty much figured I’d find that someone in my life for whom I’d be willing to give up bread and water.

I did meet him.  And then I married him.  We’ve been married for 20 years.  That’s a very long time and is not typical for these times we live in, so I am thankful.  I am thankful that we didn’t give up when I know there were times each of us may have wanted to.  I am glad we decided that through all of the trials of raising kids, and growing up ourselves, that we decided we were worth it. And I am more than happy to say that we are still evolving as a married couple and realizing what’s important and what isn’t.  Nothing seals the deal like your spouse having a near death experience, leaving you to learn what matters in this life.  It’s not money.  It’s not possessions.  We live in a 1150 square foot house that was intended to be our “starter” house.  But 20 years later, we are still here.  A bigger house does not equate to happiness.  When Jason was in rehab to recover from his stroke, these tiny 1150 square feet of house felt like a huge, empty shell of a building and not a home at all. Having a loved one threatened by an illness, injury, disease, etc…presents obstacles I never thought I’d address in my late 40’s.  Needing to get affairs in order for Power of Attorney to make medical and financial decisions. Inquiring about burial plots for the two of us seems extremely strange, though I don’t want my daughters to have to decide.  Forgoing expensive outings or things so that we can save up for co-pays and things insurance doesn’t cover….saving for the “what-ifs” because they very well can happen.  The WHAT IF?  Did happen.  And we are blessed to  tell it and have to re-calibrate things in our lives.

Truth is, I’d give up damn near anything to keep him healthy. (My daughters, too.) Because the house is not important.  The life and memories inside it are important. I am so thankful to God’s mercies for us to celebrate our 20 years together and for all the additional years we enjoy together.  Our vehicles… (my beloved Jeep!)…the “stuff” we deem important…the luxuries we have in our daily lives…we don’t need any of them.

We just need each other…shelter of some form…and bread and water to live.

Sooooo- though the video is ancient (from 1991) if you really listen to the words of the song, it pretty much sums it all up.  I used to get teary-eyed listening to this in my teens and early 20’s, presumably because I longed to feel this way.  And I still get teary-eyed now because I have been blessed to have felt this way for 20 years.  And even though the stroke situation completely sucked, it made me realize what matters.  The man upstairs with the Good Book, Jason, me, our kids…and bread and water.

Take my pride, take my dignity, last of all take my memories
With what’s left of me I’d say…
with my final breath I’d pray

For bread and water and you.And I’d tell you what I’d do, I’d give it all and more it’s true
Even bread and water for you…


Seldom do I get to tell you
this moment always slips away
Lock the door cause it’s time to
turn the lights down and listen to what I say.

I’m gonna tell you what you
mean to me and when
I’m done I hope you’ll see.

That they can take the romance from a lovers moon
Take the warmth from a sunrise in June, take a melody
Yet take that tune and I’d still get by
Take the magic from children’s hearts take the sounds
Of laughter just leave me bread and water and you.

They can put me out on the street take my money
Take the shoes off my feet, place my head on a rock
Lay me down to sleep and I’d still get by
Take the shirt off my back if they want
Leave me naked and cold if they must
But don’t take my bread and water or you.

I’d give my hopes and I’d give my dreams
If they’d have to have it all
there’s just three things I need.

Take my pride, take my dignity, last of all take my memories
With what’s left of me I’d say with my final breath I’d pray
For bread and water and you.

And I’d tell you what I’d do, I’d give it all and more it’s true
Even bread and water for you…

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