As if my life were not crazy enough already…

I am embarking on a DIY project.  If you are not already aware, I am the very LAST person one would expect to be starting such a journey.  There is not one artsy-fartsy, tool-savy, project-patient bone in my body.  But YA’LL…my husband in rehab )recovering following a stroke) comes home in about five weeks and I want to makeover our bedroom.  Yes.  ME. While working full time, while mothering full time, while burning up the highway between home and rehab.  C-R-A-Z-Y!

Why, you ask?  Welp…before the stroke, Jason and I had been talking about updating our bedroom.  We have lived in our house for 20 years this May.  We have made other improvements to other rooms in the house but our room has  never been updated.  We still have nasty, disgusting once-was-beige-but-now-is-poop-colored-brown carpet.  Same carpet that babies have puked on and puppies have peed/pooped on. We’ve cleaned the bedroom carpet several times each year that we’ve lived here.  It is no longer cleanable or salvageable.

With Jason coming home in a few weeks, he is going to have a walker.  A walker is easier to use on flat surfaces.  Our room is the only room that has carpet.  New flooring will make it easier for Jason to be mobile, so of course, it HAS TO GO!

Before the new flooring can come, I need to get our furniture out of there.  And then rip up carpet.  Then paint. Then do the flooring.  I am going to do the paper flooring.  If you’ve never heard of it, google Paper Bag Flooring.  It’s actually craft/contractor paper, stain, glue and polyurethane. It’s a fraction of the cost of laminate or hardwoods.  It just takes a lot of time.  I am hoping to take a few days off work while I do this.  My friend Christine has offered to help me paint:) And I am sure I will need to enlist in the help of my DIY extraordinaire friend, Beverly, to help me with the flooring.  Or at least come down to my house and tell me if she thinks it looks like crap or not:)

SOOOO!  Today I am starting to take out the drawers of the dressers and take them to the garage.  I made a pile of clothes that will stay in the house with me, what’s going to Good Will, and what’s seasonal and can live in the garage.

OH! And I am doing this without Jason knowing!!! I want him to be surprised! So if you’re reading and are friends with him, don’t tell him! SHHHHH! 

I will try to take pictures along the way:) Wish me luck.  I am gonna need it! My man’s coming home in a few weeks and I want him to have something MORE to look forward to ❤

Choosing Joy, even though I am tired as hell,


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