5 month post -op VSG update!

I can’t believe it’s been five months! And I can’t believe I’m struggling to get to even a 50 pound loss:(  patience is not something I have an abundance of, so this slow progress is really working my nerves. But- even slow progress is better than no progress. I have to rely on pictures and the way my clothing feels. And it feels pretty dang good! 

Here we go on the stats. Yes, I’m putting this out here on the crazy interwebs for all to see. Who cares?! 

Starting weight 1/15/16: 230.5 (which isn’t even my highest! That was 236 in 2009!)

Height: 5″3

Weight on surgery date/after 2 week pre-op/liver shrinking diet hell: 219

Today’s weight:182.2

Goal weight:145-150

Total loss:48.2 pounds. 

I swear next week I’m getting OUT of the 180’s! 

Dress/pants size when I started:20/22 women’s/plus

Now: 16 misses bottoms and 14 or Large shirt:)  NO PLUS SIZES! can I get a hell yeah?!?!

To date, I don’t have any food intolerances but dairy products are not always my friend. Yogurt in particular.

Protein goal: 60-80 grams per day (80 is my target when I’m working out extra hard!)

Water goal – at least 64 oz per day but usually it’s more. 

Activity: I either walk, do the elliptical, hike or ride my bike 45 minutes to an hour 5x a week. I REALLY want to return to kickboxing but I’m enjoying this pain-free/injury-free time in my life and don’t wanna ruin it! 

Carbs: MOST days I keep them under 50. Occasionally I go over but not by much. 

I’m sleeping better than I have in years. 

I really have no complaints other than the slow pace of the loss.(and losing my hair!!!)  Sometimes I think I don’t eat enough. My stomach can only hold 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of food at a time. My calorie intake has never exceeded 1200 in the last 5 months. So what the hell?!?! 

I’ve made some wonderful friendships through this VSG journey and am so inspired by their progress;)  shout out to you ladies and gentlemen kicking ass on this journey! 

I hope when I write my 6 month update I can tell you I surpassed the 50-55 pound loss milestone.fingers and toes crossed! 

Thank you for reading. I’m thankful for the cheerleaders with me on this trek! 



9 thoughts on “5 month post -op VSG update!”

  1. The numbers just don’t seem to add up to the pictures, which are very dramatic. You look like you’ve lost much more than what the scales say. Keep focusing on all the positives, like better sleep and better health. I think you’re wise to make the exercise moderate, but consistent. Good luck, and hang in there.

  2. Those pictures!! Wow – the difference is phenomenal! I agree that it looks like you’ve lost double what the scale shows, not to diminish how frustrating it is that the scale won’t cooperate but there’s a huge difference! You look great!!!

  3. Dawn you are such a strong & beautiful woman … you got this!!! The pictures prove it! Meditate and pray when you are feeling frustrated. Just go inside your mind and be still. Losing 48.2 pounds is amazing! This time next month you will look back and say ‘why was I frustrated! Look at me now!’
    Bonnie Mc

    1. Thank you, Bonnie! I try to keep positive and motivated. And most of the time I am. I do enjoy my morning walks when I turn up the worship music and just go. I need to let the negative out of my head and only keep the positive. Thanks for your encouragement, my friend!

  4. You look incredible. Remember you will be losing fat but gaining muscle. This is a healthy weight increase 🙂 Don’t get to down with the numbes all the time xxx you are incredible remember that xxx

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