Anniversary of my life as a D-Mom

Tonight, my husband, Stinkerbell, and I went to get a quick bite to eat at Kickback Jack’s.  Go figure, nobody in my house wanted me to cook ever tonight!

As we were leaving, it occurred to me that we were at the scene of the crime, per se’.  We had been to that very restaurant four years ago this month when Haley (aka Stinkerbell) had been complaining of not feeling well.  That night at dinner, she guzzled 4-5 Pepsi’s with her dinner.  Finally, we made her switch to water, which she also downed in no time…she had been telling us that her muscles were sore, that she felt like she had the flu…couldn’t stop the constant need to pee…and finally, she called from school and told her Dad on the phone that she was having blurred and double vision.  That entire weekend, the child went through an entire case of bottled water by herself.  Because the following Monday was Memorial Day, I knew I couldn’t get her into her pediatrician’s office, but I had planned to take her first thing Tuesday. Her appointment was made in the afternoon hours.  But we had to revert to plan B and take her to urgent care.  The urgency in her voice that morning on the phone is one I had never heard before, but have heard several times since.

Haley was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 4 years ago today.  She was in DKA and was really hurting.  We spent 3 nights in the hospital, with 2 of them in ICU.  We came home on June 1st with a “new” kid.  It was like bringing a new baby home from the hospital. Learning how to manage her blood sugars with diet and insulin was incredibly overwhelming for her…and for me.  And doing it as a teenager?! Lordy- those were tough times. (If you look back into the archives of this blog to June 2012, you can read more about our T1D journey.)

BUT- with four years comes a lot of experience and a lot of wisdom.   We still ride the blood sugar roller coaster every day, but we are masters at the peaks and valleys…sometimes we don’t master the speed in which highs and lows occur- but we are really well-versed on what to do in emergencies. And she’s had an Omnipod insulin pump for a year and a half now.  WOW, what a better way to manage sugars with a continuous insulin drip, than with insulin injections from a pen!  Technology makes this easier to manage with each year that passes.

I said it four years ago, and I will say it now….I am so proud of that kid that sometimes I think my heart will explode.  Our care of T1D is not always exemplary.  We do the absolute best we can.  Haley is learning each day…and with any luck, her long term plans include helping kids with T1D someday.  Haley is hoping to enter a program at our local community college as a senior in high school and receive college credit in their nursing program.  This is a new development for us.  It is so great to see her enthusiastic about her plans!  She would like to be the nurse (or doctor) that she currently does NOT have.  She feels like she gets lectured from the PA she sees now. We sometimes feel like failures because we’re not perfect. Haley can relate to T1D kids because SHE IS ONE.  Being educated on it and actually living it are different things.  I know she’ll make a great care provider one day.

So, on this anniversary of the demise of Haley’s pancreas…. we say, so what! She is making a fine life without ya!

Counting my blessings,


Proud to be a D Mom!

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