It’s Okay to be Honest

I post a lot of updates about my T1D. The good, the bad, even the really, really bad. Remember the DKA posts, anyone? Being a teenager is hard. Being a teenager with T1D is harder. It’s no walk in the park for sure. Thank you to the author of this blog for posting it. It IS ok to be honest!

Rare, Misguided, and Type Casted: Living and Thriving with Type One Diabetes

This past November during Diabetes Awareness Month, a campaign was started by JDRF with photos in blue of T1Ds that said, “T1D Looks Like Me.”

When the campaign first appeared, I loved it.  I saw all of these photos all over Facebook of children and adults with T1D that showed strong, beautiful people living their lives.  I had pride in who we are as a community, because we are strong, beautiful people.

After a couple of days, I started looking at the photos more closely.  I noticed that there were not any photos of people in the hospital suffering from DKA.  I noticed that very few showed injections or pump infusion sets on the body of the diabetic.  I also didn’t see the stress of families trying to figure out how to afford the medications, pump supplies, or doctor/hospital bills and labwork.

In short, I saw healthy looking people, not…

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