Week 9: Stall-ville. Population: ME

Greetings  from Stallville.  Population ME.  My 9 week check-in….sigh…

When VSG patients hit a stall in weight loss, it’s sometimes a week, maybe 3.  I swear I have been on a stall for the last month.  And I hate it.  And I am not afraid to tell you that I am really very discouraged. When I began this journey, I said I didn’t have any expectations and that I’d be thrilled with any kind of loss.  Maybe I DID have expectations because most people who have this surgery have these wonderful stories to tell during the first few months of their life after VSG.  I did not assume I’d have huge losses right out of the gate, but I did really think I’d be able to share much more of a loss than I have at this point.  9 Weeks ago, I had VSG and I’ve lost only 18 pounds.   That’s 2 pounds a week.  Don’t get me wrong…I am thankful for EVERY pound.  And 2 pounds per week is a good loss for anyone.  I guess I just expected that having 3/4 of my stomach cut out would make my loss more accelerated.  Silly me. I lost 10 pounds on the pre-op diet, so I have a total loss of 28 pounds in 11 weeks.  That’s about 2.5 pounds per week.  Which makes me feel a little better.

After communicating via the patient portal with my Bariatric Surgeon’s office, my surgeon and his staff suggested I come into their office mid-April because they know I was getting discouraged.  I was armed with my MFP (myfitnesspal) records from the prior 30 days to show him my weight loss, protein and carb intake.  For protein, I need at least 60 grams and for carbs, I try to keep it under 50 per day.  I drink a shit ton of water. And I either walk, ride my bike, or go to the gym 5 days a week for at least an hour.

During the visit, we decided that I probably wasn’t getting enough in calories.  I’d average anywhere between 600-900 per day, so maybe my body was in starvation mode. He asked me to add some calories, ( I am up to about 1000-1100) and on days where I am working out, to increase the protein.  And he said to not change my carb intake because under 50 grams per day is good. He said I am doing ALL the right things! Yay, right?

That was mid-April. It’s the first of May and still I haven’t seen a whole lot of progress where the scale is concerned.  I keep it under my bed and try to weigh on Fridays.Seeing the scale each day in the bathroom makes me cranky, so I put it where I can’t see it. I was weighing almost every day and it was just adding to my anger at the scale.  OH! And when I was in the office that day, Dr Bruce mentioned that he’s done 900+ sleeves.  And only 3 patients were resistant to the Sleeve.  Immediately I said a silent prayer asking for me NOT to be the 4th resistant patient.  He suggested that there IS a revision to this surgery if I find that it does not work for me….but it would again cost me the same as my initial surgery.  No thanks.  there will be no revisions to this.  I will work with  my tool as I have it and accept the slower pace.

I do realize that the number on the scale does not define me.  I am seeing a small difference in the way my clothes are fitting.  But even with a 28 pound loss, I *can* still wear some of my  pre-surgery clothes.  I kept a lot of my clothes from various stages of weight.  And my sister kept some of the clothes I’d once given to her when I was smaller and she was bigger.  Now, after a year and a half since her surgery, she is a tiny thing:)  She posted this pic this morning on her Facebook wall.  it had come up in her memories from 2015.  Doesn’t she look awesome!?  Her name is Teresa ❤  (the date is wrong on her “before” photo to the left).  She’s lost about 90 pounds.

Teresa May 2015

And if that were not motivation enough, my cousin posted this picture today!  Regina’s lost over 100 pounds since her June 2015 surgery.FullSizeRender.jpg

Between my cousin and my sister, I have wonderful examples of how this surgery is a success.  I have also joined a couple of Facebook groups where I’ve “met” others who were sleeved the same month as me…and others from all over the world who have been sleeved.  I just met one of them in person yesterday and am hoping to meet a couple of more ladies in my area soon:) While reading the posts in those groups, I am by far the slowest of losers and it frustrates me.  Admittedly, when I see pictures like the ones above, and ones in the FB groups, where VSG’ers have lost more in a couple of weeks than I’ve lost in 2+ months, it makes me the slightest bit depressed.

Like when is my body going to show up for the weight loss party?  Will it ever? Until then, I am just doing my thing, eating the things I should and going about my business and trying to NOT let it get to me.  But it is hard.  I promise, I am not whining. I am thankful and blessed to have had the surgery and 28 pounds within 11 weeks is a gift.  I just need to change my mindset.  I didn’t gain it overnight.  I’m not going to lose it overnight.

I swear my sleeve is broken. Defective. Asleep.  Something.  Because if I am doing all the right things with diet and exercise, then what the hell is the issue?

So- while I’ve pointed out the negative.  There IS some good news I can share.  I have a couple of NSV’s.  (Non-scale victories)

I’m pretty content with the diet I must follow right now.  The only thing I still shouldn’t have are things with seeds or kernels like popcorn and some fruits/veggies.  I have had pork, beef, fish, chicken, etc.  No intolerance to anything yet.I even indulged in a glass of wine last week.  It was wonderful.  But not so wonderful that I wanted another one.  I want to stay the course and drinking may set my weight loss back a little bit and Lord knows I don’t wanna slow down my snail pace!   The weird/good thing about how I feel about food right now is that I am eating to live.  Not living to eat like I used to.  Food cravings do not affect me now.  I DO feel hunger, and have since the surgery, which is not common for Sleevers.  I look at food now for fuel, not for indulging.  I will have a BITE of something to get a taste for it if it is now low carb.  But for the most part, I am still content with low carb eating and feel like I’ve defeated my sugar addiction.

I made a return to Body Pump class last week and am here, alive, to tell about it:)  It’s a strength training class that I used to love a couple of years back.  It was nice to make a return, even if I couldn’t walk for 3 days.  I bet we did 100 squats – with barbells across our backs.  That many squats with weights makes it hard to sit, or squat to go potty a couple of days later.  Just sayin.  I also went to water aerobics! It was great exercise and really good to give my Achilles a rest.  I’ll go back.  I just prefer water aerobics when we can do it in the outdoor pool at the gym vs the indoor.  And last, but certainly not least, my family and I have been going to a local trail and riding our bikes together.  It’s super awesome exercise and even more fun with my daughter and husband with me.  It feels good to be active again.  I recently bought a bathing suit top that did not come from the “size wow” section of the store  Don’t know what size wow is?  You know …like “WOW that is a big size for me.”  It was an XL from Target.  Also bought a maxi dress that didn’t have a W after the size:)

If any of you out there reading are Sleevers and have some advice for me on how to really kick this weight loss in motion, I am open for suggestions.  I’ve yet to read about anyone who’s slower at losing than me.  But I am trying to look at it like this…If I lose 2 pounds a week, x 52 weeks…that’s 104 pounds in a year. I have about 65 more to lose.  I’ll get there.

Thank you again for reading. It’s therapeutic for me to write about my journey.  And, I hope it helps someone reading in their journey.  I’ve been inspired by so many who share their triumphs and their challenges.  I hope to return the favor:)






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