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5 Week Post-Op Update!


I’ve been wanting to update since last Wednesday, which was 4 weeks after my VSG surgery- but life happens.  The busy season for me has begun in my professional life and I’ve had my hands full at home, too.  Haley had a minor outpatient surgery 3/24.  As minor as it was, the recovery and pain she had afterward was not minor at all.  Bless…

So, at five weeks out, I am both delighted and discouraged at the same time.  Delighted because my allowable foods has increased by so much!  I am pretty much eating items from this list:


I’m able to go out with my family from time to time and order something from the menu (sometimes even the kids menu!).  And I am full after about 1/4 of a cup.  That’s pretty much the standard size of a meal for a sleever at the beginning stages.  I started this journey drinking LOTS of protein shakes.  I still have one for breakfast most days since I am not a breakfast (or morning!) person. I keep some ready to drink shakes in my fridge for days when I am on the go. When I am planning my meals,  I like to have a little egg salad, chicken salad, chili,  for lunch. For dinner, it’s usually  shredded chicken or  flaky fish, and sometimes a beef recipe.    I’ve learned to make a great Ricotta Bake dish that is low carb and really delish. I’ve made cauliflower crust pizza that cures my pizza craving.  Now, it’s no Domino’s pizza, but it’ll do! I am really loving this stage and stay here until I go back to Dr. Bruce in June for my 3 month check-in.  Seems really weird to be waiting so long to see him again.  But at that time, I will probably be able to eat things like fruits, veggies, and nuts. Right now I have to avoid things with seeds or nuts.  And as sleevers must, we avoid all carbonation and high carb foods.  I dig this stage.  I have lots of options! The protein goal per day is still between 60-80 grams.  64 oz of fluid per day.  I am reaching both of those goals daily, which is an improvement.  I can remember in the first 2 weeks it was impossible for me to drink that much during the day!

Further reasons to be really pleased about this path is that I have not had any real reactions to foods as I introduce them. Some patients find they can no longer tolerate certain foods after surgery.  I’ve been able to tolerate most everything.  AND! I’ve lost 3 inches in my waist, and 2 in my hips.  YAY! My clothes are fitting a little looser now, and I’ve even raided my last year’s spring/summer wardrobe and will be able to wear some of my favorite sundresses.  If you know me, you know summer=sundresses. Not because I am a girly-girl, but because they are comfortable!

Other positives- pretty soon I will be able to do other exercises besides WALK.  Friends, I really DO like walking, but it’s getting very boring.  And I think my neighbors are probably tired of seeing me walk by their houses each night.  Sometimes I walk at night with my dog, which makes their dogs bark.  I am sure I’m their very favorite neighbor these days 🙂  When I go to the gym, I usually use the treadmill, but have started slowly using the stationary bike and elliptical.  Technically I was supposed to wait until week 6 to do those things.  But I did a few minutes at a time with no repercussions, so I will try to add a few more minutes per session.  It’s nice to feel some strength come back!

But there’s one area that I find that discourages me.  Please don’t read and construe this as me whining, because it’s not meant to be.  The dreaded scale does not show a significant loss yet.  I am stuck at about 12 pounds lost from surgery (and additional 10 from the pre-op diet).  So a total of 22.  Which is wonderful and I am thankful.   12 pounds in 5 weeks is about 2.4 pounds per week.  If you’ve read my past blog entries, you know I lost weight and a bunch of it eating 1200 calories a day and a really rigid exercise routine. PLUS, I took phentermine (boo!) at times during my prior journey for a jump start.  Back then, I would lose 2-3 pounds a week without surgery.   I need to stop comparing this journey to my past efforts. I must stop weighing myself so much and just trust that I am doing the right things.  It is difficult to see a small loss when I read about these wonderful transformations from sleevers who’ve lost crazy numbers per week.  I gotta get it out of my head.  Their journey and mine are not the same.  I wish for those huge numbers….but need to be thankful for the success I’ve had.  I did this to become healthy.  Healthy just doesn’t happen in 5 weeks.  It might take years.  The first year after WLS is where the loss really happens and I know I have plenty of time. I am just impatient and want this transformation party to get started!

Should you want to try any of the low carb recipes, you can find them on Pinterest.  This is my favorite Ricotta Bake.  So easy!

That’s all I have for now.  Hopefully, by about 8 weeks, I will be able to share some progress pictures!  I can tell a difference now, but the differences probably would not be visible to others.

Thanks for reading and riding along on my VSG journey.  Your support is appreciated!








4 thoughts on “5 Week Post-Op Update!”

  1. love reading your updates Dawn!! you are my hero! I am doing phentermine with medi-weight loss-low carb.. I hate taking it, but it helps me. I have lost 40 lb over the last 3 years, and now started on the final 45 lb. You are an encouragement to me…. 🙂 SusieB

  2. I’m so damn proud to know you and I just love you to bits!! Always Inspiring others and sharing the dawn wit!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you again!!! Guess what, the above ad – legal hero is my cousin Annie!!! Of course anything hero belongs here with you!! Mua!!!!

    1. I love you to pieces ❤ Thanks for being my cheerleader. You've always cheered me on in anything I decided to pursue. This particular journey requires a lot of encouragement- especially now, so THANK YOU!! XOXOXOXO

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