I hope…

I hope…
I don’t have any real expectations from the upcoming WLS surgery, but I do have hopes. I know I’ll lose weight and become healthier, but I don’t have any idea how much to expect, at what pace, etc. Will I be a slow loser? I don’t care, as long as I lose and get my health back. But, I do have hopes. Here are some of them, in no particular order:

  • I hope…My doctor is thorough and careful during the surgery. And that he is guided by the prayers I say each night during my chat with Jesus.
  • I hope/ pray for no complications during surgery.
  • I hope I’ve educated myself enough about this process and avoid gaining weight back. The key to this thing is how you eat. Forever a lifestyle change. Exercise is important, but if you don’t get the protein, it’s not going to work long-term.
  • I hope-when I take a bubble bath in our standard size tub, that one day my legs and hips don’t touch the sides.
  • I hope it’s not so hard to get myself OUT of the tub!
  • I hope as I get lighter, my feet hurt less. (right now they hurt most of the time.)
    I hope I can return to my beloved kickboxing. (after I get the tennis elbow on each arm fixed!)
  • I hope my daughters are proud of me.
  • I hope they know that this decision was as much for them and Jason as it was for me. I want to be here for them for many years to come!
  • I hope that when I get on airplane again that I don’t have to have my husband buckle my seat belt because I couldn’t see it for my midsection! I hope I never feel that discomfort again. I was an inch or two away from needing an extender on the belt.
  • I hope I teach somebody about the VSG process. It’s hard! I had the best mentors and hope I can help someone else.
  • I hope I can climb stairs and ” the hill” at the lake without losing my breath at the top.
  • I hope I can shop in the regular section of clothing stores – not the plus size section.
  • I hope with this lifestyle change that my family becomes healthier, too.
  • I hope to actually ride a bike again without fear.
  • I hope to zip line!
  • I hope the breweries in this town don’t have to lay anyone off due to my not being there anymore. LOL.
  • And I hope Anheuser-Busch doesn’t go bankrupt for the same reason above 🙂
  • I hope I never again hear anyone say to me, or any other woman “she’s pretty – for a big girl” And- I hope if I ever DO hear that said, that I have the courage to turn to that person and remind him/her that ALL women are beautiful. Period.
  • I hope, on my next wedding anniversary, that I choose a non size-wow dress and my husband gets a little choked up over it❤️
  • I hope my Steelers jersey fits by football season and that my sister doesn’t get mad for me taking it back after I let her borrow it!
  • I hope my sister and cousin know how much I love them for guiding me through this process.
  • I hope my friends and co-workers know how much I appreciate their encouragement through all the phases of this journey.
  • I hope my Mama knows how happy I am that she’s my “coach” and cheerleader all in one. My sister and cousin, too.
  • I hope my husband knows I am thankful for his generosity and helping me pay for this surgery. And I hope he’s proud of me. He always has been, but I hope after this hard journey, that he’s even more proud.
  • I hope that Jason and Haley know how much I love them, even though I have been a complete jerk since this liquid diet phase started.  Thank goodness they love me anyway.
  • I hope that I can finally let go of years of shame about being overweight. Once you’ve been overweight, lost weight, and gained it back a dozen times, it works on your self-worth.
  • I hope,whether it takes a year, or a decade, that I finally find comfort in my own skin.
  • Though I shouldn’t care about the opinions of others, I hope none of you reading think I took the easy way out, because it’s anything but… And I hope if you DO, I can prove to you why it’s not.
  • Mostly – I hope that how I feel on the INSIDE finally matches the OUTSIDE.

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