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My WLS journey- phase 1: liver shrinkin’! 

2 weeks from today I’ll be having weight loss surgery! Yay! I have to follow a strict diet in order to shrink my liver. Most people have a fatty liver. People who eat not so healthy with a diet full of carbs and fat tend to have fattier livers. I reckon mine is fatty, hence the reason for this phase in my journey.

I went out with girlfriends last night for Mexican food as my last supper. And when I got home I drank my last glass of wine. All to prepare for this big step!

This week I must have 2 ketogenx protein shakes a day, 2 ketogenx snacks, and a healthy dinner with stuff like chicken, fish, veggies, etc.  The way normal people are supposed to eat!  Easy peasy, right?

NOT. The protein powder is nasty. I must mix it with water only. This morning I tried putting it my single serve blender. Gross. Even with a little PB2. This afternoon I put it in my shaker bottle and chugged it before I ever had a chance to taste it. LOL.

Here’s this week’s meal stuff… Plus dinner with protein and veggies each night.

Bon appetite! 

Wait until you see what I get to have the whole week before surgery….this week’s haul looks like a smorgasbord compared to next week!

But- a little inconvenience now is worth my good health later😄

Thanks for reading about my journey💜

3 thoughts on “My WLS journey- phase 1: liver shrinkin’! ”

      1. I am, just for 7 days tho so I start next Monday. Will be downing protein shakes, broth and lots of water. Spending this week having a few food funerals but really just want to get sleeved already. I’m so ready to start the next chapter of my life 🙂

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