Life as a D-MOM- Stinkerbell edition

Most days, My T1D  has a grip on her Diabetes.  But there are some days Diabetes gets a firm grip on her and takes her for a wild ride.

We got a second helping of a  really ow blood sugar with Stinkerbell this morning. We’re talking LOW. As in 32 low.

It happened once a couple of years back. I had all my wits about me-  until she said she couldn’t breathe. I caved and called EMS. They stayed with me until her sugars were stable again. Some real juice, a PB&J, some mommy TLC and the girl was on the mend. A low likes that makes her feel like roadkill. We want to avoid it at all costs. Her meter showed a low of 32…her eyes were rolling back in her head.  Her face looked sweaty.  Had difficulty getting words out. She looked like she was passing out.

Thankfully it woke her from sleep. The sound of urgency in her voice never ceases to leave my brain. When she says Mommy, can you come here?”   (I am rarely “Mommy”.  Usually I am Mom, Mother, or Mama)  If I am referred to has “MOMMY”, shit’s about to get real.  Real it was.

And of course, I run through the house with some sort of sugar in hand for her. Today’s choice? First apple juice and half of real Coke. Then-old faithful PB&J. Her blood sugar is good now. She’ll feel like total crap for the rest of the day.  It takes several hours for her body to recover from the crash.  And as if that weren’t bad enough, girlfriend has to go to the dentist at 4 today to get 2 cavities filled:)

A few things….

Thank God Haley was awakened by the feelings she has with blood sugar crashes. My biggest fear is that she won’t wake up from it. That is largely the reason for my non- sleep issues. It’s the constant worry and fear of all D-Moms and D-Dads. Thank God we know what to do because of the Doctors, Nurses, Friends, Relatives that have taught us the way to deal with this disease.

Thank God I was here to help her. (I do not always work from home, but so thankful I was today- and thankful for my employer, who permits me to work from home.)

So I guess that’s really just one thing.  Thank GOD for all my blessings.  If you’re reading this, you’re one, too.



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