7 Weeks Post OP: Burnin’ up Recovery Road!

The cast came off last week! I couldn’t have been happier to get rid of the Aircast/moonboot! It made me look like Robo-Mom preparing for a launch to outer space!  It feels so incredible to have regained my mobility and freedom.  I CAN DRIVE MYSELF, Y’all! I’ve not taken too much of that freedom, though, since Stinkerbell is still insistent on driving.  She has a learner’s permit until April.  Then she gets her license.  THEN we will talk about some freedom!

***There’s a picture below of my ankle with stitches, so if you don’t wanna see, don’t scroll down.  It’s not too terrible!***



I started PT the day after the cast came off.  I am so ready to strengthen my Achilles tendon and calf muscle after six weeks of sitting on my butt! Even the PT guy was amazed at how well it is healing.  It doesn’t really hurt…it’s just stiff and a little uncomfortable.  PT will help that.  Right now I am limited to physical exercise that involve my feet.  Only the bike and the pool.  I am not a lover of the pool in the winter months, but I need to learn to love it.  It is great exercise, and I think it would really help in becoming stronger. I’ll get back to ya on that one…Otherwise, I am using the stationary bike at my gym, and am doing some upper body work.  I am some kinda out of SHAPE! Well, if you consider round a shape, I am IN SHAPE! But- it’s a relief to finally get moving again.  The first couple of days after the cast were good, but I  did overdo it 2 of those days.  It’s a learning process for me.  I know I can’t do what I used to- and that it will all take time.  Just walking around the grocery store is a stress on the Achilles that I can’t explain.  Not a huge PAIN- just an ongoing ACHE.  Can’t even THINK about any kind of distance walking or elliptical for at least 6 more weeks.  Boo:(  Until then, I am using this piece of equipment.  Seems to not hurt my foot as much as the bike:


Here is a photo of one week after my surgery, and the day the boot went bye-bye:



Still swollen, but SUCH a vast improvement! I am thrilled with progress so far.  PT guy (Greg) gave me lots of exercises and stretches to do.  And I pretty much do them throughout the day, ALL day.  I go 2x a week for a while, and then we’ll go to once a week.  Which is a good thing, because even with insurance that crap is expensive!

I told Haley the other day I feel like I am waddling when I walk, LOL.  It’s an improvement over the initial drag-my-right-foot-beside-me walk I was doing last week.  This week is better, but I am slow.  I take stairs one step at a time coming down them- kinda like a 2 year old does when she’s learning:) And don’t think for a minute I haven’t thought of sliding down the steps on my butt like a 2 year old!

So there you have it! I am recovering nicely and really thankful for the healing.  Even now, with the surgery behind me, the pain is nowhere nearly as bad as it was before the surgery.  It’s just different and not even really a pain.  It’s just weakness that will go away in the coming months.

For all of you who came by, texted, emailed, called, brought my family food, and prayed for me and my family- THANK YOU! My family has been amazing through these last 7 weeks.  I am typically the “Doer of all things” in my house.  It was hard to accept help, but in this case, I really had no choice but to let others do for me.  I am so grateful for all of those blessings!

Speaking of gratefulness and blessings- Christmas is in just 2 weeks! I have done most of my shopping online and am finished for the most part.  But this year I am trying not to get so caught up in the shopping and craziness this season can bring.  There’s a reason for this season, and it ain’t a sale at the WalMart! I am really focusing on keeping CHRIST in CHRISTMAS. It  is my nature to go overboard and spoil my children.  Not so much this year.  Not as many presents under the tree.  And if they get sassy about it, I will use my sister’s famous line….

“If three gifts were good enough for baby Jesus, it’s good enough for you, too!”


Merry CHRISTmas, Y’all! 


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