Just do the damn thing already!

So friends, for what seems like years, I’ve been belly-achin’ over my achin’ Achilles.

I’ve been whining over weight gain since my exercise level is pretty much non-existent since the pain in my foot is getting so bad that it hurts to walk down the driveway to my mailbox.

Enough is enough.  In seven days, I’m doing something about this pain situation.  I’m goin’ under the knife.

OK- really, I am going under the laser, but you get my drift:)

The surgeon is gonna make a single incision, DETACH my Achilles tendon, chisel/file down the nasty bone spur that is currently causing all the pain, drain the bursa around it, and then re-attach the tendon,

Easy-Peasy, right? Right.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t the teensy-weensiest bit scared. I am not scare of the surgery itself, I am more afraid of the recovery time. It will take about four months before I can put all my weight on my right foot and walk like a normal person.  I guess that’s not really a big deal since I haven’t walked normally, without limping for.evah!  Seriously- I can’t drive for at least 3 months.  You’re a friend, so you know I like to GO, See and DO.  Now I must rely on Stinkerbell and my husband to get me from point A to B.  That’s hard for me! I am a spontaneous person.  I might decide tomorrow to drive to the beach the next day. Might decide, at 9pm at night that I need to go to Wally World.  Aint none of that happenin’ for a good while. Oy.  I am already anxious thinking about it!

It’s going to be a very interesting few months at my house, right?  I work from home most of the time anyway, so that’s not really going to change much.  But picture Jenny from the old Time Life commercials with her little headset on…and picture her on the couch or bed with the phone cord draped across the bed and her foot elevated toward the ceiling with a laptop on her tummy. That’ll be me, folks!

As much as I am dreading the recovery, I am looking forward to the days when I can resume walking like a real person.  Doctor says running is never really going to be in my future, and I can’t say I am sad about that! I hope I can do boxing again after the healing process, but will promise myself to not kick the bag so much and just focus on upper body.

While I am out, laying on my butt during recovery, I am going to try to get in as much protein as I can, work my upper body, and try to NOT gain more weight.  OF the 80 I lost, 40 pounds found their way back onto my five-foot-three-frame-thank-you-very-much. This must cease.  If it doesn’t, I will have to continue wearing yoga/pajama/sweatpants long after the cast comes off:)

So there you have it, folks….big things are happening at my house next week.  God help me.  God help my family.  I am not so good at letting others do for me.  I am the do-er. This will try all of us…our patience…our will… our willpower to stay out of the liquor cabinet! Pray for us<3

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