Week 1 of Operation #swayback

Well…they say when you hit rock bottom, there’s only one way to go, and that’s UP. I hit rock bottom a week or so ago after a doctor’s appointment. I get monthly B12 injections because I am B12 deficient. Each time I go, my doctor monitors my weight. I’ve been on the upswing for nearly a year now. I don’t know why it came as such a surprise to me when I saw the blasted number on the scale….but it was what’s setting me straight in getting my #swayback:)

My gym started offering boxing classes. And of course, if you know me well, you know that boxing is my favorite fitness activity- but you also know I’ve incurred a few injuries to to it. Nearly 6 months in physical therapy for tennis elbow and Achilles tendinitis has the associated pain at a bearable level now. But there are still days where too much activity literally knocks me down.

But I’ve been down too long and I’m gettin’ back UP!

So, I’ve been to the gym 3-4 times this week. It’s a start. I am going to weigh at the end of the month. I don’t wanna look right now and be disappointed. I know it’s not about “the number”. I already feel better about myself. I already feel stronger, even though I am sore as hell! I am looking forward to the changes in my body that only boxing has given me.

I have to work on the eating part for sure. I do pretty well until we go out for dinner and then my choices are not wise, and they usually include a cocktail. I love supporting the local businesses here in my area- there are at least 4 microbreweries within 10 minutes of my house, and my husband has taught me to appreciate local beer. Formerly a Bud LIght-only fan, I am really digging Hefeweisens and Pilsners. But my favorite, Shotgun Betty (www.loneriderbeer.com) has nearly 200 calories in a pint! YIKES. And who drinks beer and eats a SALAD?!? I need to rethink my food and drink choices. I have to decide how bad I want to achieve the fitness goals I have for myself. Feeling strong, healthy and fit is a feeling like no other and I have missed it this past year.

So- gettin’ my sway back, y’all! I’ts a slow process. But even though I’m going slow, it’s better than going NOWHERE.

XOXOX all around- Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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