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Making sure this thang still works!

hi. I’m a bad blogger. I’ve kinda been in hiding. But I’m gearing up to tear it up again! I’m on the hunt for this girl…


I was well on my way in December 2012. Lost my courage for reasons that are really stupid. I fell into a huge depression for reasons that are not stupid, but the way I dealt with it was really awful. I self sabotaged myself into a 30 pound gain since last June. 30 pounds = 3 jeans sizes. 3 dress sizes. But more importantly, it equates to a disappointment I find hard to articulate.

But I’m finding the strength again. My physical injuries are about 75% healed. My mental state is much better. Not gonna lie- I’m still struggling but I’m always gonna struggle with weight.

My plan is obviously to regain control of my eating, drink less alcohol and more water- and be the active woman I loved being. And- I’m staying OFF THE SCALE for a while. I beat myself up over that damn number. It has to stop being about the number and should be about my strength and fitness. Being strong is the best feeling! That’s what I’m after! More weight training! I want to eventually lift heavy weights once my left shoulder and arm heal. I want to return to boxing❤️


Today wasn’t the best example of a great diet. Tomorrow is a new chance to get it right – hopefully I can walk tomorrow…7 miles on my bike. Plus 45 minutes of Shaun T’s Rockin Body video… Until tomorrow!

Thanks for reading – glad to have you share this journey with me!

3 thoughts on “Making sure this thang still works!”

  1. Right there with you I too have regained about 40 over the last 2 years. Time to recommit and get it off!

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