2008 vs 2013

2008 vs 2013

WOW. What a difference five years makes. I’ve probably posted this side-by-side photo before. I am posting it again. And I might post it 174 more times to make me remember what if feels like to be the woman on the right. I am not far from that sassy girl with the Steelers shirt on. I am a HUGE distance away from the girl on the left..I am never going to see her again. I wish her farewell….

However- If I don’t get my sh*t together soon, I am going to be in big trouble, kids. I have to go to a wake/visitation tonight. A friend’s Father-In-Law passed away this week. I want to go show my support for my friend and her family, as they are a wonderfully kind family. I have changed my clothes at LEAST six times on my quest to find something that fits. 3/4 of my wardrobe does not fit. It’s a really good thing I have some work from home flexibility because I do NOT have enough clothing options to get through an entire week of work.

This morning, my friend Beverly and I went to a CXWorx class at our gym. It included a lot of squats and planks. My legs are sore today and I tremble when I walk:) but that is a good hurt. And judging from my wardrobe issues, I need to be attending that class several times a week! I have a cute sweater dress that fit me so well last year…cute with brown boots and all. Won’t be wearing that dress because somebody’s for sure gonna talk about me:)

So, that’s what I needed to get it back on track. I’ve been pretty good about exercise since October. Food is another issue, but it’s not always bad. I just need to step it up and bring out that girl in the Steelers shirt PRONTO. Who’s with me?!