Little reminders

Little reminders

Trying not to focus on the weight I gained this summer . Eating more and moving less does not help weight loss so much:) Instead of focusing on what I did wrong, I am trying to remember good I’ve done!

4 thoughts on “Little reminders”

  1. Hi Dawn! I see that you’re also thinking about doing the 30 Day Shred! I’ve followed your blog and will cheer you on! I’m planning on doing it Mon-Fri @ 6:30am! You can do it!!! 🙂

    PS, Love this photo, not only because of the quote, but because of LULU!!!

    1. Hi Shannon! I am going to try realllly hard to do it. I have the DVD but have only actually done it a couple of times, and that was more than a year ago. the DVD ended up in the cabinet- but since we’re challenging ourselves in September, AND because I saw you post that you’re gonna give it a go, I WILL DO IT:) Can’t really determine a good time for doing it yet. I take my daughter to school at 7. We get up at 6. I COULD get up at 5 and do it in our garage while the family is sleeping. Or do it when I get home. Undecided as to when, but I promise, I will do it! ANd I will take a before picture. Then at the end of of September, I will take an after picture. I really am so disappointed in myself. Who loses 80 pounds and regains like 20? You know from your experience that weight loss is NOT easy. But dang…you’d think after working so hard, I wouldn’t wanna go back?! We can do this challenge! Glad to have you doing the 30 day shred with me:)

      1. I know! Weight loss is a battle, a real life battle. It’s not an easy journey like it’s made out to be. 20 pounds, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that bad. It’s all about realizing that and moving forward!

        I’m going to take a photo before starting as well! Here goes nothing!!!

      2. So, I did level one a couple of days ago just to see what was in store for me. I tried level 2 tonight and that didn’t so well. High knees and those walk-out push up things are gonna be the collapse of my achilles heel and it makes me so frustrated! I wonder what kind of results I will have if I only do level one each day? I injured it 2-3 years ago while running. It’s never been the same since, and even if I wear no shoes, the wrong shoes, or have too much activity, it knocks me on my butt for a couple of days. I wrap my heel often and ice often when exercise is over. I am going to give it this week and see if level 1 aggravates it or if I can stand it for 30 days. If not, I gotta pick a new challenge!

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