It’s really all Kenny Chesney’s fault….

Or maybe Tim McGraw’s fault that I took temporary leave of my senses last May.  Let me explain.

Concert season in the Raleigh area began shortly before Memorial Day weekend.  The middle of May started the season with Tim McGraw, where I was sporting a size jeans that I hadn’t seen since I was a teenager! I was feeling SO great and had complete hold of my mojo.  Rockin’ the Levi’s, black Ariat boots and a black tank top, I felt incredibly fit and confident! I went to the concert with some of the best girls I know.  We have a Megaticket, which is a ticket I purchased for like $199 for 9 country concerts.  It’s a great deal for sure.  I get to hear great music, tailgate, and hang out with my great circle of friends.  I even got my husband to go to one this year!)

Back to my story and why it’s Kenny Chesney’s fault…. By the second concert in the series of nine, it was the Thursday before Memorial Day and I declared it to be summertime! I also declared it time to end my gym membership at the boxing gym I’d been going to since the prior Thanksgiving.  (Bad move #1)
Summertime to me can clearly be defined by tailgating, outdoor patios, grilling, friends, and beer.  That Thursday, I ended my workday at noon, packed my stuff up for the concert, picked up a bucket of fried chicken,  and met up with  the CGF’s (core girlfriends) at the venue.

And there, friends- is where I lost my mind and slowly lost my mojo!

Kenny’s show was awesome! I hadn’t been to that show in a couple of years.  It was sold out.  It had rained all day, so it was muddy and wet at the venue.  Only one sure fire way to pass the time and that’s to tailgate with the girls.  And tailgate I did.  For McGraw.  For Chesney. For Paisley. For (Luke) Bryan…and not so much for (Blake) Shelton last Friday.

Those super cute Levi’s that made me feel so great then CAN button now, but it would be obscene for me to wear them at this minute.  Remember that mistake I made about leaving the boxing gym?  Yeah. That one.  DUMBA$$ me.  I belonged to 2 gyms at the time.  It’s expensive to have one membership, let alone 2.  And since I had already hurt my left elbow from boxing (tennis elbow from boxing!!) and the cardio kickboxing classes were wreaking havoc on my already-injured right achilles heel, I decided I’d stay at the larger, more established gym in my town and save myself some money.

Again, I say- dumbass me.  People who workout have their favorite thing.  My friends Mandie and Patrice are runners.  My friend Scott is a cyclist. My sister likes to walk the treadmill.  Cathi likes tennis and kickboxing.  Holland likes CrossFit.  Mine is boxing.  I am clumsy. I am rhythmically challenged, so anything that resembles dancing is totally out of the question.  No Zumba for me.  I am not a good swimmer.  I can’t   shouldn’t run to do before-mentioned achilles thing.  Boxing is my THING.  It helped me shape my core muscles in a way I cannot explain.I was starting to see ab muscles.  I have curves- but they were good ones! I have a defined WAIST.  I had better curves and waist 2-3 months ago.

Here’s the thing. If you LOVE something – don’t stop because of money if you can help it.  In the grand scheme of it all, it was  $44 a month extra I was spending.  I’d gladly spend that in May-August now if I’d realized what I was doing to myself.  My tummy is awful.  My butt is bigger.  And it’s all because I lost my motivation and got sidetracked- and I wanted to save $44.  I probably spent that $44 on beer and chicken for our tailgating excursions!

And while it’s easy to blame it on celebrating summer, or my favorite country singers, the fault is mine.  I let the lackadaisical, no-stress-celebration-season get the better of me, to the tune of about 12-14 pounds.  In three months! This time frame also found me wallowing in a little self pity.  Memorial Day marked a year of being the parent of  my beautiful  teenager with type 1 diabetes, which is more of a stress than I can ever explain…it coincided with the anniversary of the death of my father…which is a pain I can never explain..(you can find the story on that here:( Remembering Daddy)and it also coincided with the busiest time of year for me at my job.  I went on a couple of mini-vacations where I ate too much and exercised too little. I spent too much time on my laptop working until stupid-o’clock and spent way too little time working on ME.

Why am I documenting this and telling y’all this?  Because many of you sweet souls have either emailed, texted, facebooked or called me to say that I am inspiring you.  Say what?  I am inspiring someone to find their strength, find their footing and get healthy.  Well alright then.  Let me tell you to DO AS I SAY and NOT AS I HAVE DONE THIS SUMMER! Backsliding is not worth it.  You have to double your workload to get the results you want!

I’m saying this loud and clear. It’s a promise to myself and it’s a promise to those who say I’ve inspired you to lose weight.  I did not come all this way and lose some 80 pounds to go backwards. I slid backwards for too long and it has stopped.  I can’t stand the way I feel.  I can’t stand for my cute clothes that I haven’t had for very long to be tight.  There’s no mojo. The expression on my face has changed. I am almost back to the apologetic stage I talked about a few blog posts back.  “Hi, I’m Dawn, sorry I’m so fat”….There’s no spring in my step because I am disappointed in myself.  And if I don’t like myself, how is anyone else gonna like me?  So, to fix it, I have resumed my reign as crazy gym girl.  Sunday was boxing. Monday was elliptical. Today was my re-acquaintance with cycling.  (And I don’t need the frozen peas after all!!)  I am back at the boxing gym thanks to a groupon I found! It’s a 3 month membership.  And I will likely renew it when the groupon expires.  Because like I said- it’s my “thing”  BTW, if you’re interested, the Groupon is still valid! http://www.groupon.com/deals/tko-fitness-durham-1.
Cardio Boxing/kickboxing burns about 600-1000 calories in an hour.  It took me about a week to get over the initial soreness.  Kinda the soreness I feel today after cycling this morning:) Talk about Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness! Oh my goodness- my legs are like noodles today!

But- tomorrow’s a new day.  And there will be more activities for me to accomplish.  I think I need a challenge of sorts.  I seem to do better when I am training for something- like when I did the half marathon- it took several months of running/walking to reach that goal.  But I am scared to bike on the road (more of that clumsy thing I talked about).  I can no longer run…and I am not a good swimmer.  Trying to think of a 60-90 day challenge.  If you have any suggestions, I am all ears!

Thanks for reading.  I don’t know WHO reads, I just know somebody comes by here due to the number of hits on the page…but thank you.  It is good for me to put the thoughts I have down in writing. Hopefully in the next 90 days I will come back to declare I lost the unwanted “summer” weight, and then some.  My birthday is in December. A little over 4 months away.  I want to be DONE with loss and figure out how to maintain.  That’s no small goal considering Thanksgiving and Christmas are shortly before the 28th of December.

But of all the things I’ve learned about myself- I know I am strong.I get sidetracked by shiny objects, namely sparkly amber ales in long neck bottles…I might need reminding from time to time of where the road actually IS because clearly I have been navigationally  challenged for 3 months. But like I said yesterday- CAN’T is not in my vocabulary.

Oh! picture of “the” Levi’s. See below:) I hope my concert-going girlfriends do not mind that I am posting the picture.  Not exactly the greatest expression on my face, but that right there, middle of May- smallest I have been since the 10th grade.  I gotta get back there.  It took me 3 months to screw up and lose my way.  It’s gonna take me 3 months to FIND my weigh.

From the left- Gail, Tresa, Susan, Teresa (my sister) , me, Beverly.  Tim McGraw concert May 2013

It helps me if I have friends who want to push me- participate with me- challenge me! If you use myfitnesspal.com, my user name is westva2nc.  You know I will keep you posted on my progress!
I’ll get there.  And in the words of Tim McGraw… “Not a Moment Too Soon“.


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