Insulin Pump Therapy- here we come!

YAY:) Haley’s hard work, compared with prayers have served her well today.  Her doctor says we can begin the process of pump therapy!  This is a huge relief to my girl. But it’s not going to be an overnight thing.

First, we have to take a little test.  We were given a packet of information to study and then take a test.  Must pass the test or no pump:) We also have to go to a semniar to visit all the pump manufacturers to learn about them.  Truth be told, we already know which one we want- but we are going to educate ourselves on them anyway. This is the one Haley would like to have.

It’s called an OmniPod and it’s the only pump without tubing….meaning there is no cord, or tube attached to her.  She can put the insulin-filled pod on her body and enter the number of carbs into a handheld device. That device kinda looks like a phone.  Pretty nifty stuff.  A newer, smaller model comes out in March- so this is perfect timing for us. Our cousin, Wyatt, has an OmniPod and so do several T1D patients we have met over the last 6 months.
After we make our decision, we send the paperwork to the doctor’s office, and then they approve and the pump company works with our insurance carrier…they ship it to us and then we go back to the doctor to have them hook her on up!

Easy, right?  No:) But it’s a start.  And we’re thrilled to be getting the chance to demo it first to see if she will like it.

We are looking forward to learning more.  We feel so much smarter today than we did six months ago! Haley has taken really good care of herself since learning of her T1D Dx and has really taken charge of how she reacts to highs and lows. 

She’s a good girl.  I think I’ll keep her<3

Thanks for reading- and for your prayers for my rock star!

2 thoughts on “Insulin Pump Therapy- here we come!”

  1. no pump yet. we gotta take a durn test and send it back to the doctor's office for his approval, then we contact the pump company, order it, and then the doctor "installs" it for her. LOL. Thank you for asking. In March, a fancy new Omnipod comes out. Much smaller and way better than the previous versions. We have to be careful about the pump we choose because insurance says we have to keep it for FOUR years:)

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