My little fighter

I stole this image from my daughter’s facebook wall.  She posted with the caption “I sure hope so, ’cause diabetes sucks!”.
And it does suck.  She’s had kind of elevated sugar for quite a while now.  We still get a low every once in a while, but T1D girl seems to live between 200-300. We have a doctor’s appointment in a couple of weeks to discuss with her doctor.

Haley IS a little fighter.  Every day is a battle for her.  Every decision she makes, right down to what she is going to wear that day, is centered around Type 1 Diabetes.  I tell her a hundred times a day that I love her.  And she knows that I would do anything to take this burden from her- but I can’t.  I can make it easier for her.  I can listen when she wants to be angry, happy, sad, confused.  But I can’t erase this huge burden for my girl.  It’s every parent’s disappointment to not be able to fix all that is wrong for our kids.
I am looking forward to 2013 and learning how to help her cope with this, and hope we get the opportunity for an insulin pump! Fingers and toes crossed)

I like this quote, too.  My girl is little,  But damn, she’s fierce.

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