I can hardly believe it is already DECEMBER! I’ve started on Christmas shopping, but am a looooong way from finished! We have decorations up, but no tree. And seeing as my mother, sister and myself all have December birthdays, I am not sure when we’ll be up for the task of getting a tree.

We’re also 6 months into T1D with my Stinkerbell, Haley:) She’s the cutie in the picture next to me<3

She’s done really well. We are not on a pump yet, but will talk more about it next month with her doctor.  We are hoping to get an omnipod because it is one without any tubing to attach to her body. With a pod, she would just change it every three days and give herself a continuous drip of insulin and also enter her carbs she eats on a handheld electronic device.  I tell ya, managing diabetes has come far from the days of syringes and needles! Haley gives herself injections about 4 times a day or more.  She’s a tough cookie.
Cookies have sugar! Let’s use another word…she’s one tough little girl.  I say all the time how proud I am of her and how she’s handling this crazy disease.  We go for her diabetic doctor’s appointments every 90 days. I am now trying to keep a running list of questions to ask when we go in January.  It is hard to remember all of the things we want to ask…and the crazy life I lead does not allow me to have many moments of clarity.  So I gotta keep notes!

I can’t believe I’ve not blogged about BO! Our puppy that we brought home on April 1st…any coincidence that was April Fool’s Day???

He is so sweet! And he’s been a great dog.  He’s 10 months old now and 75 pounds!

HOW STINKING CUTE IS HE????  I never considered myself to be much of a dog person, but boy, am I smitten with this dog<3

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