Seven months into the journey!

I re-entered the weight loss world after an unfortunate picture of me was taken by my lovely friend, Susan<3
We had been at a kid’s Halloween party and enjoyed an afternoon at her home.  I remember that day vividly.  I had to wear something besides jeans because none of mine fit! in 2010 I had lost 48 pounds, but regained nearly half of it.  Though I have REASONS, I know now that they were really only excuses.  My reasons were chronic pain that lasted for nearly a year and a a half due to some female-issues I was having.  That pain forced me to have a partial hysterectomy in January 2011.  I was on my butt for six weeks.  Couldn’t exercise and was genuinely miserable.  BUT- I could have done more when I recovered – and didn’t.  I also had an achilles heel injury prior to that surgery that left me sidelined for many months.  Again- I could have done other exercises like the bike at my gym – but I didn’t.  So whatever “reasons” I had then are really just excuses to me now.  Do you have any “reasons”?  Are they excuses? 

June 1st was the seventh month I’ve been at this.  But that paticular week between May 28 and June 1 holds a reason for halting all exercise that I will never forget as long as I live.  My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  Today is June 11 and I have yet to see a gym.  Not going to the gym is not an excuse for me right now.  Even though my husband or I are always with her, I can’t really think about leaving her even for a couple of hours.  But today has been the best day with glucose levels yet- so I am hoping this week I can return to the gym and not feel guilty for doing so.  We have been on walks as a family with our puppy since this all happened- but nothing really strenuous for me.  I am looking forward to kickboxing…to walking…to running…any and all of it.  The sunday before last, I did walk 8 miles in the morning.  I wasn’t intending to walk that far, but in my mind, I was just praying.  I wasn’t in an actual church,but I was walking on God’s green earth and thanking Him for every prayer that was sent and for every prayer He answered.  I thanked him with every mile I walked.

I am thankful that Haley’s Diabetes was uncovered now…she was just hours away from being really very sick.  When she is feeling better and her sugar regulates, she will go on walks and gym visits WITH me.

To date- I’ve lost about 62 pounds.  When I started in November, I had managed to maybe keep 20 off from my prior attempts.  So I would say 42 pounds in seven months.  Not a bad number.  I keep changing my goal, though:) I’d REALLY like to see what losing 100 pounds feels like.  I may not get there…but I KNOW I will get to losing 80.  Give me a little time to get this parent-of-a-diabetic-teenager under my belt.  I’m looking forward to it:)

Have you made any goals for yourself?  Weight loss related, or not?  If you think I can help, let me know! I can pray with the best of them.  I can be your best cheerleader:) Just let me know what your goals are and I promise, I’ll be your biggest fan<3

OHHHH! OF COURSE I have the unfortunate picture! I look pregnant.  But I am so not.  I threw those leggings and that heinous sweater dress in the good will pile as SOON as I saw the picture on Susie’s facebook!   And as much as I hate the picture I am very thankful to Susan for taking it because it got my butt in gear!

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