Progress Pictures

Here are a few pictures.  This is hard stuff, kids.  I have lived at the gym. It has been like a second job for me, to be honest.  Thank goodness my family is supportive.  I have made my body do things I never thought possible.  I run now- I could barely walk a mile when I started.  I LOVE the AMT machine.  It was awful when I first started.  Now I use it almost every day.  LOVE to walk long distances and just go where my feet take me.  I would never have done that at my heaviest!
Are you on a weight loss journey? Do you love a particular exercise that you never would have tried prior to your losing weight?  What is it? tell:)

my starting point. 40th birthday  2009…I am 43 now! Why didn’t someone tell me to throw away that atrocious blouse?

August  2009.  I had hit a plateau of about 48 pounds lost. And September is when I fell off the wagon. Soon, the holidays of 2009…crashed the wagon. Blew up the wagon...

2010 – Achilles injury.  Off my feet for quite a while.
January 2011 Partial Hysterectomy.  On my ass for six weeks.  
Still managed to keep about 20 pounds off of me…then came October for Halloween party where the unfortunate picture was taken:)

November 2011….it is ON again:)
Seven months later and here we are…62 pounds down!
May 2011

May 2012

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